Natural Grass-fed Beef

    For years we have built a loyal customer
selling our home-raised beef via
    quarter, half
and whole beeves.  Our
    long-time customers
appreciate the
    unparalleled quality along with
the peace
    of mind knowing our beef is free of 

    antibiotics and artificial hormones.

    Our beef is truly "finished" meaning you
experience exceptional marbling and
    taste in
each bite!

    Realizing that not every family can afford
store large quantities of beef in their
we offer our beef under the
Gourmet Pasture Beef label.

If purchasing bulk beef for your family is a
more convenient option please continue to learn more on this page.


YOUR HEALTH ------------ YOUR TIME ------------ YOUR MONEY

Your Health

The health benefits of grass-fed beef are vast.  Most grocery stores buy grain-fed beef that can travel over 1500 miles before it gets onto the shelf.  Cattle are meant to graze on pasture and we dry-age your beef for 14-21 days.  The following are just some of the health advantages of grass-fed beef over conventional 'grocery store' beef:

  • no risk of BSE (individual processing prevents contamination)
  • less fat than skinless chicken
  • fewer calories: the fewer the better
  • more omega-3 fatty acids: heart healthy and friendly
  • more CLA: linked to studies that prevent and fight cancer
  • more beta-carotene: yellow tinted fat
  • artificial hormone, steroid, and antibiotic free

With the calories you don't consume by
just changing your beef to grass-fed, you
can reduce your caloric intake in one year
by over 17,000 calories, losing 6 lbs.  You
will be pleasantly surprised that your
stews, casseroles and meat loaf will not
be greasy with our beef.  Once you have prepared a few meals with grass-fed beef, you won't want to return to fatty 'grocery store' beef.

For more information on the health benefits of grass-fed beef, go to

Your Time

It is so convenient!  Have you ever needed to make dinner and just lacked one pound of ground beef?  Imagine being able to go to your freezer like it is a butcher shop to choose what you will prepare for your next meal.  Your main course is already at home, all the time.

Your Money

When you buy grass-fed beef in bulk, you pay
same price for a pound of hamburger as
you do for
a pound of steak.... you save

When buying in large quantities, we can
special cuts to your specifications
and provide specific packaging requirements.

Many customers put together large orders by
just combining an order with friends.  It isn't
hard to find
a group of people who are health conscious and would enjoy high quality
grass-fed beef.

You can specify the following when ordering
a half or whole beef:

  • amount of aging you prefer
  • beef cut to your specifications (steak thickness, roast size, etc.)
  • packaging best for you... butcher paper or vacuum sealed

What To Plan For

Because we only offer beeves that are truly "finished" you can expect exceptional taste, marbling and quality.  This means our beef consistently grades High Choice. 

With that in mind you need to plan for the following:
  • we offer whole, half and quarter beeves
  • freezer space:  one cubic foot of freezer space will store approximately 30 lbs of beef
  • unless you have a large family, plan on sharing a bulk purchase with friends or family

We offer bulk packages that help eliminate the guesswork common with purchasing beef this way. You know up front what cuts you will receive, the amount of freezer space to plan for, and the price to budget for your family. This will also allow us to get your beef to you much sooner.

* Deposit required on bulk purchases.*

How To Order

  • get on our priority order list early
  • specify whole, half or quarter
  • arrange for delivery, pickup or shipment
  • call, email, or order here

DELIVERY: For details click here.

PICKUP: Anyone can pickup their order and get a tour of the farm and facilities at any time. (Please call to make sure we will be here).